Creating an Updated Website

Client: Achievers Wellness

The Work: Graphic and Website Design, SEO and Social Media

Sometimes clients are part of programs which encourage them to use “enterprise templates” for their website design which provide little wiggle room or customization. Achievers Wellness is a growing company in Dallas, Texas that utilizes a large product line as part of their client success. Working alongside the client, Rokkit created a new logo, responsive 1-page website and collaborated with their national partner to ensure compliance was met. Rokkit continues to assist with monitoring the performance of the site as well as formatting blog entries and social media posts to ensure they perform well organically.

What Did the Client Say?


“Working with Ruth and Daniel has been such an awesome and rewarding experience. I’ve learned a lot through the great and open lines of communication. We are so excited to have the Rokkit Marketing team here supporting our growing company!” – Carmen Thompson, Coach, Achievers Wellness


The Work

Achievers Wellness Website - Web Design - Rokkit Marketing



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