Staking a Claim Online

Client: Brockman, Drinkard & Pennington

The Work: Web Design and Content Creation

As a trusted and well respected CPA firm, Brockman, Drinkard and Pennington (BDP) found themselves in a common situation. The internal resource they had for their online presence was no longer available. Fast forward a couple years and there was barely a trace of this successful firm online – no website, no social media, no reviews – at least not in an official capacity.  BDP partner Jeff Allen reached out to Rokkit Marketing, a client of BDP, to begin the process of creating a digital footprint that reflected the character of the firm.

The first requirement was to create a new website that was easy to navigate, allowed users to find answers to typical questions quickly, made it easy for clients to login to retrieve files from their accountant, and highlighted the fact that BDP has been locally owned and operated for 50 years.  Rokkit Marketing provided all design and copy services for the new site and after a couple of iterations the site was ready for prime time.

Next up was social media.  Social media sites were created on Facebook and Google+ that matched the style of the website. Brockman, Drinkard & Pennington can now confidently share their proud history online.   With the digital marketing tools now available to them and a little assistance from Rokkit Marketing, BDP now has a new way to let people know that there is a great account services firm right here in Lynchburg.

The Work

BDPCPA - Website Design - Rokkit Marketing

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