Have questions for a Rokkit Marketing professional about your design needs?

Responsive Website Design

63% of adult cellphone owners access the Internet via their mobile device (Pew Internet Research Center, May 2013). Many websites still haven’t accommodated this paradigm shift, and they’re losing lucrative traffic in the process.

But there’s a way to open your site to the mobile market.

Responsive web design is an intuitive feature that resizes and molds your website to mobile devices for a highly functional browsing experience. This means visitors on smartphones, tablets and other on-the-go devices can view your site without running into display issues that may otherwise turn them away.

Here’s what you’ll get from a Rokkit Marketing responsive design:

  • A beautiful, responsive website developed in WordPress that will function on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • One-on-one consultation with one or more of our developers and designers to diagnose your needs and outline necessary design choices during construction. This may include mock-ups and design revisions as development continues.
  • Designed and structured with conversion in mind, with added implementation of fundamental search engine optimization.
  • Responsive designs include site-wide lead generation forms that provide visitors with an outlet for direct contact, increasing potential conversions for your business on every page.

Logo Design

At our online studio you’ll work with professional graphic designers who love to design great logos. Our staff understands that your logo is the spark plug of your branding engine and you can’t afford to have a poorly designed one – it’s the symbol that needs to encapsulate your company’s professionalism in a second. And while it’s true that your logo represents the image that your customers will remember, a great logo doesn’t have to break the bank.

Website Speed Optimization

Do your web pages take longer to load than you’d like? If your website is loading slowly, it’s choking your user experience and, ultimately, your ability to convert visitors.

Our website speed optimization includes:

  • Compressing and encoding images and slideshows (.jpgs/.gifs/.pngs)
  • Analyzing and updating plugins
  • Updating website platform to the latest version
  • Moving site to a newer, more efficient server if necessary

Upon completion of the speed test and tune-up, we will provide you with a full report detailing what was completed, including the decrease in load time.