Changes in Google+ Business Photos

When was the last time you viewed or logged into your Google+ Business page? Did you happen to notice a few new fields or that your cover photo doesn’t fit quite the same?

Earlier in 2015 Google changed it’s dimensions for cover photos and added the very cool features of breaking up photos based on profile, logo, cover, team, business-related and more.

Here are some important details to note when updating your business:

  1. Google recommends uploading at least 3 photos in each main category.
  2. Google has specific requirements for each category of image.
  3. Profile photos must be at 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.
  4. Logos must have at least one side larger than 250 pixels (Google strongly recommends you use a square image for the logo)
  5. Cover photos must be at least 480 pixels wide and 270 pixels tall.
  6. All other categories including Interior photos, Exterior photos, Photos at work, Team photos, and Additional photos must have at least one dimension that is 720 pixels or more.
  7. All your older images will go to “Additional Photos” and may not have the optimal size. This means you should clean up your old images or work on getting even better ones for your page.

Right now we really do not have any clue how the new images are going to effect how your business appears on your Google map listing but you can “recommend” which images appear. In the end, Google will showcase the ones that make the sense for their system.

Google+ Business profile update