Dynamic Website Design to Convert Traffic to Clients – Engaging Website Design to Expand Local Services to a Larger Marketing

Client: Services 365, Inc.

The Project: Website Design, SEO and Social Media

After creating three other successful websites for Services 365, Inc. companies it was time for the main attraction – the corporate website. Reviewing, editing and creating content was the first hurdle to overcome with over 50 pages of text! Converting to information useful to the audience and encouraging interaction with the site was very important to the Services 365, Inc. team. Working hard as a team our creative and development team came together to ensure the business goals were being met while the site would perform well on mobile devices and push calls-to-action such as calling the company or submitting forms. The project now moves into the next phase – advertising, promotion and continuous optimization work.

What Did the Client Say?

“I trust you. You haven’t ever done anything that I don’t like.” – Wayne Elrod

Take a look at the latest design for Services 365, Inc.