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Facilitating a Branded Voice – Bringing Ideas and Creativity Together

Client: MetroWest Clinical Collaborative

The Project: Logo, Web and Graphic Design

One of the first items a new business does after building business plans and securing financing is create a brand and effective logo design. This new collaborative practice has gone from idea to application when they took the first step in finding their voice. Working with a graphic designer and the owners of MCC, Rokkit Marketing facilitated the successful creation of a logo and social icon for this up and coming firm.

What Did the Client Say?

“Thank you so much for this amazingly quick, and perfectly executed product, Ruth! I can’t thank you enough.” – Lindsay Brady, LICSW, Co-Founder, Metrowest Clinical Collaborative

“Ruth at Rokkit marketing went above and beyond for us at Metrowest Clinical Collaborative. We are lucky to have such stellar impeccable work. Thank you and we look forward to collaborating and doing more.” – Jennifer H. Rego, LICSW, Co-Founder, Metrowest Clinical Collaborative