Dallas Whole Life Counseling

Providing a Resource for Inspiring Clients

Client: Dallas Whole Life Counseling

The Work: Graphic and Web Design, SEO, Social Media and Online Advertising, Business Cards

Being a local market leader can come with pressure, as owners James and Heather Robbins understand at Dallas Whole Life Counseling in Dallas, Texas. When you own the practice name that others use as keywords in their advertising to try and poach clients you know you have to stay on top of your online game while still maintaining incredible service to your clients. After being a staple of the community for many years, Dallas Whole Life knew it was time to update their site and Rokkit Marketing was proud and honored to help. Creating an engaging and responsive website was just a piece of the work we provide to this amazing group of clinicians. But Dallas Whole Life wanted so much more for their clients than a pretty website – they wanted a resource center where the community could come for help and inspiration to make their lives more fulfilled.



I am the co-owner of Dallas Whole Life Counseling, and have been working with Ruth and Rokkit Marketing for about 8 years now. I am a therapist, not a tech person, not a marketing person. Over the years, when trying to work with various web design/marketing companies, I felt that my specific needs as a small business owner were not truly taken into consideration. Moreover, lacking expertise in the ever-changing world of online advertising, it was hard for me to discern which marketing services were necessary for my therapy practice, and which did not apply. Again and again, I spent valuable time and financial resources going down various marketing rabbit holes that were simply not effective.

The thing I most value about working with Ruth and Rokkit Marketing is the trust factor. They realize I have limited resources, and have consistently recommended services that have had a measurable, positive effect on my business. For instance, in the last few years, since implementing some new marketing strategies suggested by Rokkit, my cost to acquire new clients is now about 20% of what it was previously! I have grown to increasingly trust the Rokkit team over time because their suggestions have seemed tailor-made to my small business needs. Ruth realizes I am by no means a marketing expert, and she always explains things in practical terms I can understand.

Currently, Rokkit handles our web design, content creation, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, newsletter, social media and printed promotional materials. Given we have a lot of content to manage, Rokkit has done a great job in coordinating these various items. I am simply too busy managing the other aspects of my practice to closely monitor all of these details, but Ruth has done a stellar job in working with my iffy schedule. Full disclosure: I am a bit of a micromanaging control freak, so I am usually reluctant to hand over important, detail-oriented tasks to outside vendors–but Ruth’s ongoing attention to detail has been fantastic. I am able to steer big picture items, while fully trusting Ruth to expertly maintain our ongoing projects with all their moving parts.

I enthusiastically recommend Rokkit, who now handles 100% of my marketing and website needs.

James Robbins, M.A., M.A.
Dallas Whole Life Counseling