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Personable and Branded Website – A Friendly Website for a Personable Professional

Client: InOrder – Professional Organizing Services

When creating a new website it is always important to appear professional but also to reflect your brand and voice. An enterprise Corporate America look is not always appropriate for a local business, for example, who focuses on having an approachable 1-1 business. Tiffany Lastelick, owner of InOrder, a small home and office organizing company, needed just that! Wanting to return to the market with a new look and feel she wanted her new site to mimic her personality in color, look and language. In addition, we educating InOrder on the importance of dynamic content, keywords, tags, blogging and more to lead her to future success!

What Did the Client Say?

Thank You Ruth! Very excited about my Website and New logo!!” – Tiffany Pine Lastelick

Take a look at how original mockups morphed into her current site. Reiterations and communication are an important part of any design.