Customer Highlight: Graphic Design for Emory University

One year ago we were approached by three women with impressive credentials about assembling a special workbook.


Dawn Jacob Laney (MS, CGC), Carol Ogg (BS Pharm), and Nadia Ali (PhD) had an approved grant and a word document full of text. The team had hopes of creating something that would help the lives of teenagers with Lysosomal Storage Disease (or LSD) as they moved from teens to adulthood.


Transitions: Managing Your Own Healthcare: What Every Teen with an LSD Needs to Know” was born.


Rokkit assembled a team to help with editing, design and publishing. It was a fun and enlightening project and is still available for purchase today! Members of that same team come to Rokkit regularly for additional resource books for the Genetics Department at Emory University consistently.


Rokkit-Marketing_Client_TransitionsWhat did the client think of working with Rokkit Marketing?


“Rokkit Marketing did a fabulous job with design and layout for our books. They were extremely helpful and responsive to our needs, even on short notice. Always creative and always professional. I will definitely be working with Rokkit again in the future!”
“Rokkit Marketing was incredibly innovative and creative when it came to designing our book cover and layout. Professional, timely and really met our need with a personalized style. I’d highly recommend working with Rokkit for all your design needs.”