Fast Facts: Tablet Purchasing

About 8 in 10 people who shopped on tablets last year also made a purchase! – eMarketer



Fast Facts: Twitter Growth Predictions

Twitter_logo_blueThis year one fifth (20.5%) of internet users in the US are expected to have Twitter accounts. This figure has grown from 15.2% in 2012, and is set to rise to 24.2% by 2018. However, only 3 in 10 small businesses have yet to join Twitter. Resource: The Statistic Portal

Fast Facts: Tweet Half-Life

The half-life of a tweet is usually short… According to Betaworks, depending on the content, the half-life of a tweet is approximately 4 minutes and falling!

Digital Marketing Facts: Google Display Network

Photo from Wikipedia

Did you know that, according to Google,  Yankee Candle used remarketing on the Google Display Network to re-engage shoppers, increase conversion rates by 600%, and cut cost-per-conversion in half?

Can you afford to miss such an opportunity?